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Four Reasons Why People Use Drugs

People use drugs for many reasons. Anyone who uses drugs could give you their personal reasons. However, most individuals who end up abusing drugs were brought up in a setting where drug use was very rampant, or their parents or siblings are drug users. The big question is why they should carry the torch? Some have no solid reasons, and they just use drugs for fun. Below are four reasons why people use drugs.

To avoid life’s problemshnhjnjgthyh

When facing challenges, responsibilities, and demands presented by life, you want to avoid them. Most people turn to drugs so that they can get high and forget about their troubles. The continued use of narcotics to get the same high makes you tolerant, and you will have to increase the dosage of the drug or switch to a more potent drug. We all faces challenging situations in life which we ultimately don’t know how to deal with them. However, when you learn to overcome life’s obstacles, your chances of using and abusing drugs are minimal.

Trauma or massive loss

We have all experienced trauma or loss in our lives. Some people have gone through situations that can only be compared to a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Most people carry burdens that are too heavy for them to bear and that could be a reason to turn to drugs or alcohol to ease their pain. What they fail to recognize is that drugs offer temporary relief. Most people who face trauma or loss make a huge mistake of trying to stay on the medication around the clock. In the end, the drugs will start exhibiting the opposite effect of what they expected worsening their situation.


nhnjhgyhyjuMany people in the society are drug users and addicts because they were prescribed drugs in a psychiatric or medical context. For instance, many young adults have been prescribed heavy psychoactive stimulant drugs like Ritalin when they were kids, and they end up abusing the drug ever since. And that is not all. Painkillers such as Vicodin have got users hooked on them. Despite such drugs having medicinal use, they are highly addictive. The ways to get out of such addictions include medical detoxification and drug rehabilitation.

Peer pressure

Kids in school are persuaded into drug use by their peers. For instance, teenagers can have issues with insecurity and self-confidence. Since they are going through the formative period in their lives, they are struggling to fit in and not be viewed as outcasts. Even those in preteen years can also be offered pills or weed with their friends. If you wish to keep your kids away from peer pressure, make sure they get comprehensive drug education.…

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Causes Of Hemorrhoids You Should Know About

Hemorrhoids occur when the veins around the anal region swell and protrude from the anus. This causes very painful passing of stool. The various causes of hemorrhoids that you should know about are discussed in this article as follows

Forced bowel movements

This is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids. If one tries to force bowel movement for long, they can cause hemorrhoids. The most common causes of such strained bowel movements are like constipation and diarrhea. Some other reasons include the use of seat toilets instead of the squatting ones.

Postponed bowel movements

It is a common temptation to postpone bowel movement whenever one is not near a toilet or a place to relieve themselves. Doing this once in a while is okay. However, the problems arise when one habitually postpones bowel movement. This postponing makes fecal matter to dry while in the intestine making it even harder hence trying to pass. This eventually leads to strains while passing the stool hence causes hemorrhoids. More to that when the fecal matter is in the colon, then there is pressure exerted on the muscles and veins around the anal region hence they swell.

Poor dietary habitsfrrtgrtdsgtghy

When one develops a habit of eating more of processed food and less of vegetables and fruits it causes hemorrhoids. Also, the consumption of too much of non-fiber carbohydrates, sugar, refined flour and animal proteins make stool hard hence difficult to pass causing hemorrhoids. One should strive to ensure that they eat a balanced diet.

Genetically inheritance

One can genetically inherit weak vein walls. This in itself is not a cause of hemorrhoids. It is combined with other factors such as being seated or standing for long hours coupled with poor bathroom habits.


It is common to add weight during pregnancy. This added weight on the uterine wall exerts pressure on the rectal veins. During labor and childbirth, if the labor lasts long it causes an increase in pressure in the anal region which would lead to constipation in women who didn’t have any before. If one had existing hemorrhoids during pregnancy, they might worsen on their last trimester.


defdeer5t5Some illnesses may cause hemorrhoids. Such include rectal cancer which normally causes an urge to defecate though one doesn’t feel like doing so. The unnecessary strain put on the rectal veins causes hemorrhoids. Other illnesses to watch out for include irritable bowel syndrome, heart ailments and also liver diseases may indirectly cause the hemorrhoids.

Living sedentary lives

Engaging in very little exercises is harmful to your overall health. This is because it causes muscles to be less elastic hence difficult bowel movements. This happens to be common in the elderly and sick people. Some jobs that involve sitting for long hours without time to exercise also contribute towards this.…

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